After the first online class

I just finished the first online class tonight. The students are an American couple, my old friends. They are active in helping Chinese students and visiting scholars, so they know some Chinese more or less. As I predicted, they learnt very fast in basic greetings (你好/你们好/您好), and the beginning of initials and finials (b, p; a, o), but have difficulty in tones, like most Americans (or like most people whose native languages don’t have tones).

Online class is a bit different from face-to-face class, not only because it mainly depends on the quality of video chating, but also because many interesting games cannot be played through online talking. Thus, I prefer useing QQ instead Skype for my online classes. Although online class has so many restrictions, it saves the time and money of traffic, and can be done remotely (we are 13 time zones apart).

Thank you, my friends. Thank you for learning Chinese with me.




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